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With the app, working with business software is smart and fun using your fingers. With an easy to use front end  for a powerful business software solution. The following sections (modules) are available now with more  sections coming soon.


With, you manage various business processes:

ADDRESS (iPhone, iPad)

PRODUCTS (iPhone, iPad)

SALE (iPad)

LEADS (iPad)

And more coming soon.

Technically Speaking

You can work without an internet connection because the data is cached. As soon as the internet is available again, new records are saved to the database backend. Additionally, caching speeds up the app. Different databases can be accessed by the app using a plugin architecture. Data is transported using transactions. And the interface is multilingual.

We have a plugin-system with which we can develop communication modules so can work with different business software.


iOS in Business Examples

Look how easy other companies organize their business processes with iPads. With cool mobile devices, doing business is more fun. It empowers employees and increases efficiency.


Native Is More Powerful

The app is a so called "native" app running on iPad and iPhone. In contrast to other "responsive" web browser based systems, our native app works directly on iOS and can use its full functionalities like caching storage, sensors, gestures, geo location and much more.


Depending of your database, runs in English, German, Spanish, French and a lot of other languages.

Party Section


Search, show, edit and save addresses for all contacts. Check categories that your customers belong to. Make calls, write email and plan your route to the customer with the map.


Check current demands and liabilities. Look up subscriptions of your customers.


Need information about a customer fast? Take your iPhone.


The iPad hast the ideal size to work with all your different information about your customers and sales while traveling or when discussing with your customer.

Sales Section

SALE (iPad)

Go to your customers and sell your products and services. Show your cool products to your customers. Add a new quote and simply drag and drop your products to the new sale. Have the customer sign the quote, save it, and the sale is ready for instant delivery.

PRODUCTS (iPhone, iPad)

Look up and edit your products. Check prices and descriptions. Look at your product pictures and movies right on your iDevice.

Leads Section


Get Information about your customer, where he lives and how you can contact him.


Note all your communication with your customer. Plan what you do next.


Add interesting products to the lead so you can make a quote with ease later on. Estimate the project amount and how likely the lead turns in a real sale.



Find out how your company runs today. What are your goals?

How could your company run better? How could smart IT help you? Ask your staff, think about optimisations yourself. With our business software tools we can make your daily work better and easier.


The myJob app is free. We work together with providers of business software.


From our development team.

23 May 2017

What a great day. The first version of is available in the Apple app store. It includes a extended party module with financial informations of customers and suppliers. Further, the sale module makes it possible to make quotes with just a finger tip.

16 Jan 2017

The proof of concept of the app is working. Addresses with some more financial informations and subscriptions can be checked. We now go on and build the first module that can be used by our customers to earn money - the sale section. A salesman should be able to visit a potential customer, show him products and sell him something with the pad, including a signature on an a quote. The order then can immediately be processed by the company.

24 Oct 2016

The first version of the app is running, including a connection plugin to, a sync engine, an offline mode and a simple address module functionality.

18 Sep 2016

When using simple icons, everybody can  understand a meaning easily. We discussed a lot to find out, which icons have a specific meaning and therefore can be used to simplify a complex business app. Here one of the first designs.

10 Jun 2016

We need to design a simple layout to use in a business environment. A lot of people will work with business data in our app but they might not have a deep know how of dealing with computers. The commonly used layouts in business software on computers isn't suitable.

02 May 2016

Doing business is different than doing private stuff. We need a powerful business database with highly integrated business processes and a cool design. The app needs to be flexible to use with different databases and use all the cool technology and sensors included in modern pads.

01 May 2016

We want to build a powerful native business app running on a tablet. Computers are old fashioned. People are mobile. People work mobile. The future is mobile.


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